• Shea Butter Body Whip & Luffa Scrubby Soap Combo

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    Our 4 oz. Shea Butter Body Whip is a natural antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, helping to regenerate skin and stimulate collagen production. 

    It aids in healing many skin conditions and helps to heal cuts & burns, including razor burn. It is great for dry, cracked skin on elbows, knees & heels & works well on cracked cuticles. It contains vitamins A, D & E. 

    I whip our shea butter to give it a smooth consistency & add Vitamin E & tapioca starch to cut the greasy feel. The result is a thick body cream that absorbs quickly into your skin leaving no greasiness. It begins to heal with the very first use. 

    Our luffa scrubby soap is a round 5.5 oz bar of with a luffa sponge embedded all the way through the soap for great exfoliating. 

    It works wonderfully on all those areas of rough skin like heels, elbows & knees, or just use everywhere to get rid of all that dead, dry skin. 

    Combo is available scented with one of our skin safe fragrances, essential oils or unscented.

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