Our products are all custom made to your order.


We only use 100% soy wax in our candles. They are natural and created from a renewable resource. Our candles burn clean and are safe for you & the environment.  Each sale also supports the US farmer. Soy has a lower melting point and therefore burns cooler than other candles, which makes for longer burn times. Because soy is all natural, the candles have a stronger & longer lasting scent as well. We use premium candle fragrances in the maximum amount allowed per ounce for maximum scent throw. We believe our candles should be air fresheners until you light them!


All of our soap products are made with a glycerin or coconut milk base that is detergent free. This is a softer soap than commercial brands & will leave your skin feeling cleaner without soap residue. Glycerin is a natural humectant, therefore it will leave your skin less dry as it draws moisture from the air to your skin and coconut milk is naturally moisturizing. Explore our different varieties of soap bars. Most are available in all of our skin safe fragrances & essential oil scents.


We have designed a line of natural products for your face. This came from my decision to go as chemical-free as possible.  I was tired of not knowing what ingredients were in drug & department store brands. So with a good deal of research, I have designed a line of products that are good for my face and for yours too.


Our body care line started in 2012 when I couldn't find a lotion to replace one I used that had been discontinued. I was looking for shea butter without a bunch of chemicals, but I don't like plain shea butter - It's too greasy and after a while it becomes hard, so our SHEA BUTTER BODY WHIP was born. I didn't stop there and many other products have been added over the past few years and some have been tried & discontinued. What is left are the products we love and we hope you will too!